generalOur practice specializes in post-surgical orthopedic rehabilitation. This includes surgery of the spine, foot and ankle, total joint replacements of knee, hip and shoulder. We work with patients following reconstructive surgery of the knee (i.e. ACL) and shoulder (i.e. repair of rotator cuffs and labral tears of the shoulder).

We also provide a vast array of non-surgical interventions such as mobilization, manipulation, thermo-electric modalities and spinal decompression therapy to manage neck and back pain and to regain range of motion to joints of the upper and lower extremities.

Our fall prevention program is useful in assessing the likelihood of having a fall. We will then provide balance drills and gait training.

We have been very successful in assisting patients with various neurological involvements such as Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis to regain their mobility and to improve their level of independence. We also see many people every year that have had a CVA (stroke).

The therapists at both Hunt Valley and Jacksonville locations have firsthand experience as athletes and as providers of care. Our group has expertise in golf, tennis, football, baseball, swimming, running, soccer, fishing, and biking. We strive to get our patients back into the game.