vestibularVestibular Rehabilitation is an exercise based approach designed to decrease dizziness and disequilibrium caused by vestibulare (inner ear) problems. Successful rehabilitation can decrease dizziness, improve balance and safety by reducing the risk of falls, and increase overall activity level.

Inner ear problems are quite common. Complaints of dizziness are second only to complaints of low back pain in the adult population. While there are many causes of dizziness, inner ear problems are the most common cause.

People who may benefit from vestibular rehab include those with benign positional vertigo (BPV), as well as people with loss of vestibular function after Meniere’s syndrome, labyrinthitis, acoustic neuroma, vestibular surgery, and those with chronic inner ear weakness or hypofunction. Common symptoms include dizziness with rapid head movements, when turning over in bed, or when moving from lying down to sitting up.

If you feel like you are spinning in your world, or your world is spinning around you, you may benefit from vestibular rehabilitation.

Not all causes of dizziness are caused by inner ear problems. A Physical Therapy evaluation can help determine who can benefit from a vestibular rehabilitation program. Once more acute symptoms are alleviated, persistent balance problems can be addressed as well.