womanshealthWomen’s bodies change throughout the lifespan.  From adolescence to elderly, each stage presents different challenges to the female body’s musculoskeletal, soft tissue and organ systems.

Our therapists have focused interests and skills to provide services to meet the special needs during these times.

Adolescence: therapy helps to address muscle-bone imbalances during growth spurts, emerging female athlete needs and sport/activity injuries.

Child Bearing Years: therapists can address the extreme postural changes and hormonal shifts which set the stage for a multitude of physical problems: carpal tunnel, sciatica, pelvic instability, venous congestion, plantar fasciitis, diastasis recti, postural back pain, cesarean recovery and poor posture from newborn care.

Mid Life – 40-60 year olds: therapists work with patients who may begin to experience post-menopausal changes, problems as a result of home/work related postures or repetitive activities. Through education and exercise, we can help mitigate health problems seen in an aging population but actually can begin in middle age including osteoporosis, osteopenia, loss of muscle mass and arthritis.

Elderly: therapists work with those who desire to improve mobility and fitness while adapt to an aging body.  Musculo-skeletal and hormonal changes starting in middle –age become more prevalent including osteo-arthritis, osteopenia/osteoporosis, incontinence, gait and balance changes.